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Chinese ‘spy’ ship, for which India raised concerns, does not appear on any tracking sites: Report

Image Source : @HKURUSEE/X A Chinese research vessel in Maldivian waters.

Male: Amid concerns over the movement of a Chinese vessel which India dubbed for “spying” and “research” purposes in the Maldives Special Economic Zone, a new revelation could further escalate tension as the vessel reportedly did not appear on any of the usual tracking sites. According to a report by Maldivian vernacular daily, Adhadhu, the last location of the vessel was reported near the coast of Indonesia in the Java Sea. Notably, the Chinese ship– XIANG YANG HONG 03– equipped to carry research and surveys, will be docking at a Maldivian port after being permitted by the Male government.

According to Marine Traffic, a private website keeping a watch on the movement of ships, the highly advanced Chinese ship is likely to dock at a Male port on February 8.

“The vehicle has not been displayed on public tracking sites since the 22nd of this month. Some of the vehicle’s tracking systems are believed to have been switched off. The sites show that the Chinese vessel was in the Java Sea off Indonesia that day,” according to the report.

This is a developing story. More details will be added. 


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