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Mutts Play Major Role In Karnataka, Have Followers In Different Castes, Communities


New Delhi: Mutts are religious institutions, many of which were established several centuries ago. In Karnataka, there are thousands of big and small mutts followed by different castes and communities, such as Lingayats, Vokkaligas, Kurubas, Valmikis, Nayakas and Madigas. Among these, Lingayats have more than a thousand mutts in Karnataka alone.

Nath Sampradaya Kadari Mutt is situated in Dakshin Kannada’s Mangalore. Devotees from all over India visit this place to seek the blessing of Pithadiswar. Additionally, the mutt houses Kal Bhairav, Shiva, and many living samadhis.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath shares a special bond with Mangaluru. Adityanath is the president of the Akhila Bharata Yogi Mahasabha and has visited Mangaluru several times. He also participated in the anointing ceremony of the new ‘raja’ of the Kadali Yogeshwar (Jogi) Mutt. The ceremony known as Paryaya Raja Pattabhisheka is held once every 12 years.

Suraj Kamat, a resident of Mangaluru, who is the manager of Kadri Mutt, said that “earlier, Kadri Yogeshwar Mutt was called Kadli. Parashuram ji had done penance, this is a holy place, there is a temple of Kaal Bhairav ji, which is a monastery of the Nath sect.”

“There are 12 panths of the sect. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, is the President of the Kadri Mutt. People of all ideologies come to the Mutt and seek blessings,” Kamat said.

“The Mutt was established when Machedranath ji and Gorakshanath ji came to South India to preach. From that time till now, Peethadhishwar has become the king every 12 years. The king changes every 12 years, whenever Yogi ji comes to Bengaluru towards Udupi. When CM Yogi Adityanath comes, he does not stay in the hotel, he stays here in Mutt,” Kamat said.

“People from all the communities of Megaluru are connected here. All the people come here for the darshan of Guruji. The Jogi community which is the community of Karnataka comes here for the darshan of Kaal Bhairav Ji. Their entire community worships and does service here in Jogi Mutt. People from all the communities come to the monastery of the Nath sect to seek the blessings of Raja ji i.e. Guru ji,” Kamat added.

Shan is a devotee of the Guru of Kadri Mutt. He has been coming to the Mutt since childhood.

He said “I have been coming to the Mutt for about 15 years to serve. I am from Karnataka and live in Mangalore. Kadri Mutt is a very ancient place. I am here to serve Guruji. I come to have the darshan of the Guru. Nath sect has been present in the whole country since ancient times and Guru is at the top of the Guru place. We come to seek his blessings. Many people come here for darshan.”

Ayodhya Nath Ji Maharaj said, “I have been here for a few months, I was in Rajasthan, this is a Siddha land, it is a Tapobhoomi, whoever comes here feels very good, they get peace and feel very good here.”

Bharat Singh Solanki, a follower of Kadri Mutt, is from the Jalore district of Rajasthan and has been serving the Mutt for 16 years.

“People from all over the country come here for darshan, especially on Guru Purnima, which is Guruji’s birthday. At that time, we come here and there are four functions in 12 months,” he said. 


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