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Ulfat Khan: First Girl Parade Commander At Prime Minister’s Rally During Republic Day Parade

New Delhi: Ulfat Khan, a Senior Cadet Captain from Uri District, has created history by becoming the first girl cadet to be command the Parade at the Prime Minister’s Rally (PM Rally) during the Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi. This remarkable feat not only brings glory to the JK&L Directorate and the 1 J&K Naval Unit but also showcases the Govt College for Women Gandhinagar Jammu, where Ulfat is pursuing her BA Eng (Hons) despite all odds.

Ulfat’s Challenging Journey

Ulfat was selected from among 2,274 NCC cadets from 28 States and Union Territories and from 17 Directorates across the Nation. Her journey from a remote village on the Line of Control to a national leader is a reflection of her unwavering determination and resilience. She faced many challenges, including geographical barriers, but she never gave up on her pursuit of excellence.

Ulfat was born in Uri, Baramulla District in 2002. She completed her schooling in various Kendriya Vidyalayas across Delhi, Jharkhand and Odisha before joining GCW Gandhinagar for her higher education. She participated in various NCC camps, such as NSC, SNIC, RDC, Mini Sailing, and CATC, where she sharpened her skills and leadership abilities.

Ulfat’s Achievements At Republic Day Camp

At the Republic Day Camp, Ulfat’s outstanding performance earned her the prestigious title of Best Commander along with the DG Commendation Medal Certificate, highlighting her exemplary leadership qualities and dedication to service.

Lieutenant Commander Ankur Kumar, Commanding Officer of 1J&K Naval Unit NCC, praised Ulfat’s dedication and perseverance, saying that she is a role model for cadets across the Nation. He said that her selection as Platoon Commander is a testament to her hard work and commitment. Sub Lieutenant Dr. Neelima, Ulfat’s ANO at GCW Gandhinagar, emphasized that Ulfat’s journey from humble beginnings to national recognition is a reflection of her strength and resilience.

She said that her struggles and triumphs inspire us all. Principal Prof. Minu Mahajan expressed her pride, stating that Ulfat’s achievement is a reflection of the values of discipline and determination instilled in our students. She said that she has brought immense honour to our institution.

Group Commander, Srinagar Group, remarked that Ulfat Khan’s journey from a remote area to becoming the first girl cadet selected as Parade Commander at the PM Rally is truly inspiring. He said that her resilience and determination in overcoming challenges are commendable, setting a new standard for excellence within the NCC.

Maj Gen R.K. Sachdeva, ADG JK&L Directorate, expressed that Ulfat Khan’s remarkable achievement is a reflection of her exceptional leadership and dedication to the NCC. He said that her selection as Parade Commander is a proud moment for the entire Directorate, and she is a shining example for cadets nationwide.

He said that Ulfat Khan’s journey exemplifies the spirit of Nari Shakti and serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring cadets across the nation. He said that her historic accomplishment at the Republic Day Camp 2024 reaffirms the power of dedication, perseverance, and the limitless potential of women in the defence forces.

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