The Hymn of Death to Good Doctor: K-Dramas that will give you a rollercoaster ride of emotions


Hymn of Death and Good Doctor
Image Source : INSTAGRAM Hymn of Death and Good Doctor

Sometimes, all we need is a good cry and the best way to open our hearts and vent out is by watching K-dramas. Here are a few of the K-Dramas that will tug at your heartstrings. Get ready with a tissue box!

1. Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata tells the story of Joon Sang who meets with an accident and Yoo Jin decides to marry her childhood friend. However, she meets someone looking exactly like her lost love, putting her in a bind.

2. Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond tells the story of two childhood sweethearts. Years later, fate decides to bring them closer when they work on a documentary.

3. The Hymn of Death

The Hymn of Death is based on true events. It tells the story of married playwright Kim U-jin who falls in love with soprano Yun Sim-deok, one of Korea’s notable New Women.

4. Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven is the story of Song-joo loses all of her memories. However, one day, she reunites with Jung-suh, her old lover, and her feelings for him slowly return.

5. Hi Bye, Mama!

Hi Bye, Mama! is the story of the ghost of a woman, who gains a second chance at life after 49 days, she reappears in front of her remarried husband and young daughter.

6. Just Between Lovers

Just Between Lovers is the story of three young people who each lost a loved one in the same building collapse and attempt to navigate their relationships through the haunting pain of the tragedy while helping to construct a replacement building.

7. My Mister

My Mister is the tale of Dong-hoon and Ji-an two kindred spirits who start finding comfort in each other’s company and eventually grow very protective of each other.

8. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God is the story of Kim Shin, an immortal goblin, who goes to find a human bride to remove an invisible sword from his chest and end his life. One day, school student Ji Eun-Tak confesses to him that she is the chosen one.

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