Tiger 3 success event: Salman Khan kisses Emran Hashmi leaving Katrina Kaif shocked, video viral | Watch


Tiger 3
Image Source : INSTAGRAM Salman Khan along with Katrina Kaif and Emran Hashmi at Tiger 3 success event

Salman Khan, Emraan Hashmi and Katrina Kaif starrer film Tiger 3 is making waves in theaters these days. The film has collected more than Rs 200 crore at the domestic box office in just 6 days and a jump in earnings is expected this weekend. Recently the star cast celebrated the success of their film Tiger 3 with the press. In the special event, Salman, Katrina, and Imran talked about the film and entertained the audience. However, what took everyone by surprise was Salman Khan kissing Emran Hashmi on stage. Now the video is going viral on social media and netizens are just enjoying this camaraderie.

It all started with Salman mentioning that if Katrina is in the movie then romance is bound to happen. For the unversed, Katrina is once again playing the role of Zoya in Tiger 3, while Salman Khan is playing the role of his intelligence agent. Salman said during the event. “Increase the amount of action you can do, increase the amount of romance you can do, so that the family can go and see it. Now that Katrina is in this picture, there is definitely some romance with Zoya.’ Salman also jokingly said that if Imran’s character ‘Aatish’ had not been a villain, there would have been a kissing scene for him too.

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Then suddenly Salman Khan caught hold of Emraan Hashmi and kissed him. This joke of Salman made everyone laugh and now the pictures are going viral on social media. Katrina who was standing behind the actor couldn’t stop laughing while watching it. At the event, Salman and Katrina set the stage on fire by dancing to the song ‘Leke Prabhu Ka Naam’.

Watch the video here:

It is noteworthy that Tiger 3 is the third installment of the popular action spy franchise, which has been directed by Manish Sharma. It is making record-breaking earnings at the box office. The film recently entered the Rs 200 crore club at the worldwide box office.

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