Extraordinary You star Rowoon leaves group SF9 after 7 years, posts handwritten letter for fans


Destined With You actor Rowoon leaves K-Pop group SF9
Image Source : INSTAGRAM Destined With You actor Rowoon leaves K-Pop group SF9

Kim Seok-woo aka Rowoon of the K-Pop group SF9  has left the group after 7 years. Ever since he stepped into the acting industry, Rowoon had been unable to focus on group activities. After leaving the group, he wrote a handwritten letter to fans. In the the letter he wrote, Hello, this is Rowoon, I think I had a lot of trouble deciding what/which word to start with. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything & I’m actually a little scared. I think I’ve become a little more used to being active, trying out new things & being stricter with myself. There was a frustration that I couldn’t explain each and every misunderstanding, big or small and it was a time when I focused on what I had to do right away, thinking that one day, the sincerity would be conveyed.

In addition, he said, I understand that receiving attention & support can be heart-warming, but I guess I’m a bit soft. Sometimes, when misunderstandings arise, one needs the courage to say no, but those were the days when I was always busy hiding it. I’m truly sorry if there are any fans who felt hurt, and disappointed by my complacent attitude. If you felt familiar with me because I was different from before & would also have felt sad or disappointed because I hid myself. I sincerely apologise.

His agency FNC Entertainment has said that the group has renewed their contracts except for Rowoon. The team will be organised as an 8-member group excluding Rowoon, as he further wants to focus on acting.

Rowoon made his debut with group SF9 in 2016 with their single track Fanfare.  Earlier, he was a part of a pre-debut team at Neoz School under FNC Entertainment as a member of the group called NEOZ. 

His acting career began in School in 2017 in a supporting role.  Followed by About Time in 2018 and Where Stars Land. He made a breakthrough in his acting career in the fantasy drama Extraordinary You. He has also starred in series including Find Me in Your Memory, Was It Love?, She Would Never Know and The King’s Affecting among others. He recently made a cameo appearance in the series A Time Called You alongside Ahn Hyo-Seop. Rowoon is currently seen in the series Destined With You alongside Jo Bo-ah, Ha Jun, and Yura among others. The series tells the story of a romance that revolves around a forbidden book that was sealed 300 years ago.

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