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It Was An Emotional Moment: PM Modi Recalls His First Day In Parliament As MP


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a trip down memory lane on Monday, reminiscing about the emotional moment he first stepped into Parliament as an MP in 2014. He spoke about bowing in reverence to the temple of democracy, expressing disbelief that a child from a humble background could enter the Parliament.

Launching a discussion on the ‘Parliamentary journey of 75 years, starting from the Samvidhan Sabha – achievements, experiences, memories, and learnings’ in the Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister also mentioned the upcoming shift to the new Parliament building, describing it as a poignant moment.

The Special Session of Parliament commenced on Monday and will run until Friday, holding many bitter-sweet memories within its current building, according to PM Modi.

“Bidding farewell to this structure is an emotional moment…We’ve experienced both disagreements and unity within these walls,” he stated. Reflecting on his early days in Parliament, he shared, “When I first walked into this Parliament building as an MP, I paid my respects to the temple of democracy. It was a deeply emotional moment for me. I never envisioned that a child from a poor family, living on a railway platform, could make it to Parliament. I never imagined I would receive so much love from the people.”

PM Modi also touched upon the significant contributions of former Prime Ministers and recollected the inspiring words of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, during India’s independence.

“The echoes of Pandit Nehru’s ‘At the stroke of the midnight…’ in this House will continue to inspire us. In this very House, Atal ji said, ‘Governments will come and go, parties will form and dissolve, but this nation must remain.’ These echoes resonate even today,” he added.

He also paid tribute to those who valiantly defended the Parliament during the 2001 terror attack, considering it an assault on democracy itself. Switching focus to the COVID-19 crisis, he commended the parliamentarians for their dedication and resilience in attending sessions despite health challenges, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring India’s growth journey remained uninterrupted.

PM Modi highlighted the success of the recent G20 Summit held in the capital and the Africa Union’s full membership, expressing India’s pride in the accomplishment and the nation’s strength to fulfil significant hopes and expectations. Lastly, he acknowledged the proposed P20 summit – Summit of G20 Parliament Speakers – and affirmed the government’s unwavering support, underlining that the triumph of G20 is a collective success for the entire nation.


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