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US to announce new $300 million ’emergency’ military aid package for Ukraine


US President Joe Biden
Image Source : AP US President Joe Biden

The United States is set to announce a new military aid package for Ukraine worth as much as $300 million, the first such move in months as additional funds for Kyiv remain blocked by Republican leaders in Congress.

The US Army, in particular, has been making huge purchases of munitions and vehicles to replenish stocks sent to Ukraine. The last drawdown was in December 2023 when funds to replenish stocks fell to zero. The White House has been scrambling to find ways to send more military assistance given the situation on the battlefield and the resistance to the funding from Republican hardliners.

US officials have also looked at options for seizing some $285 billion in Russian assets immobilized in 2022 and using the money to pay for Ukraine’s weaponry.

The announcement is set to come as Poland’s president and prime minister meets President Joe Biden at the White House later on Tuesday to talk about ways to bolster support for Ukraine.

Using the funds that have been returned to replenish stocks opens a narrow window to urgently allow more aid to be sent from existing stocks as the Biden administration waits for supplemental funding to be passed by lawmakers.

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