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Indian Navy swiftly responds to distress call from Iranian fishing vessel, extends medical aid to crew

Image Source : INDIA TV Indian Navy swiftly responds to a distress call

Amid a series of attacks on cargo vessels, the Indian Navy has again swung into action after Iranian FV Ameen, operating East of Duqm, sustained damages allegedly due to a collision with a merchant vessel. The vessel reportedly has six crew members on board. The FV sustained extensive damages including a hull breach leading to water ingress.

Responding to the distress call from the Fishing Vessel, an Indian Naval ship, mission deployed in the North Arabian Sea for maritime security operations, provided damage control assistance and undertook strengthening of the hull, rendering the boat safe for further transit. Medical aid also extended to three injured crew members. 

“The relentless and persistent efforts of the Indian Navy reaffirms its resolve towards the safety of all vessels and seafarers transiting in the region,” the Navy said in a statement.

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