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Indian Navy foils another piracy attempt along East coast of Somalia, rescues Iranian, Pakistani crew members

Image Source : INDIA TV Indian Navy rescues crew members

Indian Navy said that an information regarding piracy attempt on Fishing Vessel FV Omari was monitored on January 31 and Indian Naval RPA, undertaking surveillance in the area, successfully located FV Omari and INS Sharada, deployed for anti-piracy mission in the region was diverted to intercept the boat. FV Omaril, an Iranian Flagged Vessel, had been boarded by seven pirates who had taken the crew as hostages.

“INS Sharada intercepted the vessel in early hours of February 2 and used her integral helo and boats to coerce the pirates for safe release of crew along with the vessel,” the Navy said.

The ship ensured successful release of the crew which included 11 Iranian and 8 Pakistani nationals members along with the boat, the Navy said.

“The ship also undertook confirmatory boarding on FV Omari to sanitise and check on the well-being of the crew who had been held captive by the Somali pirates,” it added.

Earlier incident

INS Sumitra successfully rescued fishing vessel Al Naeemi and 19 crew, all Pakistani nationals, from 11 Somali pirates, along the East Coast of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden on Monday. This came within 36 hours after INS Sumitra, which was deployed on anti-piracy operations, rescued another fishing vessel FV Iman with 17 crew members on board.

INS Sumitra, the indigenous offshore patrol vessel of the Indian Navy, had been deployed for anti-piracy and maritime security operations east of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden. The video uploaded by the Navy shows warning shots being fired before the vessels were boarded during the anti-piracy mission, after which the pirates were disarmed and the hostages rescued.

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