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Your car can now pay for fuel themselves: Know how


No phones, no cards needed for fuel payments now
Image Source : FILE No phones, no cards needed for fuel payments now

Amazon and Mastercard-supported company ToneTag has recently unveiled a new payment mode for vehicles that allow drivers to pay for fuel using their car’s FASTag and infotainment system. This new feature, aptly named ‘pay by car’, harnesses the power of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) linked to the vehicle’s infotainment screen.

Implementing this user-friendly feature is a breeze. To get started, users simply need to associate their UPI ID with their car’s infotainment system. Additionally, a FASTag must be affixed to the vehicle. Once these steps are completed, drivers can enter a fuel station and settle the bill without the need for a physical card or a mobile phone.

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Here’s how the ‘pay by car’ process works:

  • As a car pulls into a fuel station, the fuel dispenser number promptly displays on the car’s infotainment system. Simultaneously, an announcement is made to alert the fuel station staff of the customer’s arrival.
  • After fueling up, users will need to enter the announced amount through the soundbox interface to finalise the online transaction seamlessly.

Moreover, the ‘pay by car’ feature also facilitates the hassle-free recharge of FASTags. Once the recharge is completed, the updated balance will be readily viewable on the car’s infotainment screen.

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Notably, ToneTag recently introduced conversational payments on UPI in partnership with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) at the Global Fintech Fest (GFF). This feature empowers users to transfer funds using simple voice commands.

In a previous development, the company also unveiled voice-based offline payments tailored for feature phones. In this process, the feature phone user places a call to the designated IVR number 6366 200 200, selects the ‘Pay to Merchant’ option, and then taps their mobile phone on the merchant’s device (POD). Once the POD emits a unique tone, the user inputs the amount, followed by their UPI PIN to complete the transaction.

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