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Telangana: Patient in unconscious state bitten by rats in ICU of govt hospital

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A patient undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a government hospital in Telangana’s Kamareddy was bitten by rats, an incident that prompted an enquiry into the incident, health officials said on Sunday (February 11). The patient suffered rat bites on the fingers of the right hand and the back of the heel on Saturday, his attendant informed the doctors, they added. The patient had earlier undergone a surgery at a hospital in Hyderabad and was later shifted to Kamareddy where he was admitted to the ICU a week ago. He is in an unconscious state, a health official said.

An enquiry into the incident was ordered and a senior health official visited the hospital and the patient.

Subsequently, as part of measures initiating disciplinary action against those responsible for the alleged lapses, a memo was issued to them.

How did the rats enter the ICU?

According to a preliminary enquiry, rats were able to enter into the ICU as the Dialysis unit beside it is being renovated, for which some dismantling work is being carried out in the hospital.

According to the official, improper disposal of food by attendants of patients around the bedside and on the hospital premises are also causing the rodent menace.

He said care would be taken to ensure that such incidents don’t recur.

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