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Randeep Surjewala summoned by Haryana Women’s Commission over controversial remarks against Hema Malini


Randeep Surjewala summoned by Haryana Women's Commission
Image Source : PTI Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala.

The Haryana Women’s Commission has summoned Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala over his controversial remarks against Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) MP Hema Malini. The Congress leader has been asked to appear before the commission on April 9.ย The commission’s strict action came over Surjewala’s “vile and sexist” remarks against Malini on Wednesday.ย 

India Tv - Randeep Singh Surjewala summoned

Image Source : INDIA TVHaryana Women’s Commission issued a notice to Randeep Singh Surjewala.

BJP’s IT Cell shares video

Earlier on Wednesday, BJP’s IT department head Amit Malviya shared a video in which the Congress MP Surjewala could be seen making a “vile sexist comment” against Malini. “Congress MP Randeep Surjewala makes a vile sexist comment, that is demeaning and derogatory, not just for Hema Malini, who is an accomplished individual, but women in general. He asks, ‘Why do we make MLA? So that they can raise their voice, and get our views accepted. Is there any Hema Malini who is made to lick?’ Who thinks of women as something to lick? That is the most disgusting description someone can come up with. Just the other day, Surjewala’s colleague was asking the ‘rate’ of another BJP woman leader, and now this… This is Rahul Gandhi’s Congress. It is misogynistic and abhors women,” Malviya posted on X.

Surjewala questions authenticity of video

Referring to this, Surjewala said that the video posted by the BJP leader has been edited, distorted and shared to distract the country from the Modi government’s anti-youth, anti-farmer, anti-poor policies and its conspiracy to destroy the Constitution of India. “BJP’s IT Cell has developed a habit of editing, distorting and spreading fake news so that it can distract the country from the Modi government’s anti-youth, anti-farmer, anti-poor policies and failures and its conspiracy to destroy the Constitution of India,” he said. “Listen to the full video – I said, “We also respect Hema Malini a lot because she is married to Dharmendra ji and is our daughter-in-law,” the Congress leader added.

Hema Malini reacts

Reacting to the controversy, Hema Malini, the latter said on Thursday that the leaders of the opposition should learn how to respect women from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Speaking to the reporters in Mathura, before filing her nominations for the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP leader and Bollywood veteran said that the opposition targets only ‘popular people’. “They target only popular people because targeting the unpopular ones won’t do them any good… They should learn how to respect women from PM Narendra Modi,” she said. Hema further expressed her happiness over her re-nomination in the Lok Sabha elections from Mathura.

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