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‘Not even one square inch of land…’: Ladakh LG on Rahul Gandhi’s claim of ‘Chinese occupation’


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi
Image Source : PTI Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Ladakh Lt Governor Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra (Retd.) on Monday refuted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s claims of occupation of land in the Union Territory by the Chinese, and said that “even one square inch of land” has been taken away.

The LG issued a strong statement and said that Indian Armed Forces are prepared for anything that may occur and will give a “bloody nose” to the enemy, if comes the need.

“I wouldn’t comment on anybody’s statement but I will say what is fact because I have seen myself. There is not even one square inch of land which the Chinese have occupied…The statement of fact is that our armed forces are prepared for any eventuality and God forbid if the balloon goes up, people will get bloody nose from us,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi’s claims on Ladakh

Rahul Gandhi visited Ladakh on a week-long tour in August where he reiterated his claim that the Chinese have occupied Indian land in Ladakh. He targeted the Modi government over the border dispute with China stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remark on Ladakh is not true.

“Here people are saying the Chinese army has entered our land. People told that the land which was earlier used for grazing, now they cannot go there. The Prime Minister said – not an inch of land has been lost, that is not true. Ask anyone in Ladakh, they will tell you this,” Rahul Gandhi said in Ladakh.

“Here, the concern is of course China has taken away the land…people have said that China’s army has entered the area and their grazing land was taken away, you can ask anyone here…” he added. 

Ladakh LG talks about UT’s security situation

LG Brig. Mishra described the security situation in Ladakh as “excellent” and said that nobody can dare to come to India with a nefarious design.

“Excellent. The morale of our armed forces is very high. They are all intent on defending every square inch of the land of India. Nobody can dare come to India with any design to have a foothold here and I think all the credit goes to PM Narendra Modi,” he said.


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