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Karnataka BJP MLA demands action against school teacher for ‘anti-Hindu’ remark

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Mangaluru: BJP MLA Y Bharat Shetty demanded action against a school teacher in Mangaluru for reportedly making an ‘anti-Hindu’ remark within the classroom.

Shetty, the BJP MLA representing Mangalore City North constituency, addressed the issue following a complaint filed by parents of a student at a private school against the teacher. “It is not the first time that certain schools are spreading anti-Hindu sentiments,” he said in a statement.

Complaint against teacher 

According to the complaint, a teacher at a private school in the city made derogatory remarks about the Hindu religion and its deities within the classroom, portraying Hinduism negatively and allegedly aiming to convert students to Christianity.

The parents urged for decisive action to be taken against both the teacher and the school management.

BJP MLA urges Hindus to reconsider enrolling their children in Christian schools

The MLA alleged that schools which previously enforced bans on girls wearing bangles and sporting bindis on their foreheads in adherence to Hindu traditions are now propagating hatred against the Ram Mandir.

Shetty also urged Hindus to reconsider enrolling their children in schools managed by institutions affiliated with Christianity.

He pointed out a history of instances where “anti-Hindu sentiments” were allegedly expressed within such institutions. The MLA warned that the BJP would organize protests if the school administration failed to take strict action against the accused teacher.

In response, DYFI state president Muneer Katipalla criticized Shetty, stating that the MLA only appears when there is a communal agenda.

Katipalla took issue with Shetty’s suggestion that Hindu students should boycott schools managed by Christian institutions, questioning whether the MLA had ever attempted to address issues in government schools and colleges in the district during his tenure.

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