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Helicopter on road? Viral pic from Bengaluru leaves people stunned, evokes hilarious reaction


Helicopter on road, bengaluru
Image Source : AMAN SURANA (X) Helicopter on road

Bengaluru: There can be numerous reasons for a traffic halt but a parked chopper in the middle of the road has forced commuters to stand still. Have you ever imagined a chopper resting on the road and leading to traffic congestion? Obviously, none of us neither pondered or seen such a scenario on a busy road. But the same situation occurred in reality as claimed by a viral X post.

Bengaluru, the city known for its notorious traffic jams and serpentine queues of vehicles once again has witnessed a bizarre traffic incident. 

According to a viral post, a chopper was seen standing in the middle of the road leaving only a narrow section open for the commuters. In the viral post, it can be seen that the helicopter brought traffic to a standstill causing problems for people. 

The picture was shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by a user named Aman Surana with the caption “Bangalore Traffic reasons” and two laughing emojis. The bizarre scenario evoked hilarious reactions on X. 

Reacting to the post, one user wrote, “Told my boss today a bird was crossing the road so I got Late today.” Another wrote, “I think Helicopter got punctured in the middle of the road.” 

One more user reacted, “This is why drunk and drive test on air should be mandatory for pilots also not just only for on land drivers.” 

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