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Durga Puja bonanza for MLAs as Mamata Banerjee announces salary hike of Rs 40,000 per month for legislators


Mamata Banerjee
Image Source : PTI Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal: It’s an ecstatic moment for the MLAs of West Bengal as Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday announced a hike of Rs 40,000 per month in their salaries. Banerjee, apart from the announcement also said that there will be no revision in the salary of the chief minister as she has not been drawing any salary for a long time.

“The salary of MLAs of the West Bengal Assembly is very less compared to that of other states. So it has been decided that their salaries will be hiked by Rs 40,000 per month, ” she said.

After a major announcement in the West Bengal assembly, the Chief Minister didn’t give a breakup of the actual salaries of the lawmakers after the hike including all allowances and extra pay as members of the various standing committees.


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