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Delhi airport on alert after bomb threat call on Darbhanga-Delhi flight

Image Source : PTI/FILE PHOTO New Delhi: Travelers wait in a queue to enter Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.

A bomb threat on the Darbhanga-Delhi flight created chaos and prompted swift security measures on Wednesday. Authorities responded immediately, implementing stringent security protocols and evacuating the affected area.

“On 24th January, a call was received at the SpiceJet reservation office about a bomb in the aircraft operating flight SG 8496 from Darbhanga to Delhi. The flight landed safely at Delhi airport at 6 pm and the aircraft was moved to an isolated bay. Passengers have been deplaned safely and the aircraft is undergoing a thorough search by security agencies,” said SpiceJet spokesperson as quoted by news agency ANI.

Safe landing

Despite the threat, the flight executed a secure landing at Delhi airport around 6 pm, prioritising the safety of passengers and crew.

Isolation measures

Following the landing, the aircraft was immediately moved to an isolated bay, adhering to safety protocols to minimize potential risks.

Passenger evacuation

Swift and efficient, all passengers were safely deplaned, ensuring their well-being in the face of the security threat.

Thorough security protocols

Security agencies swiftly initiated a comprehensive search of the aircraft, examining it meticulously to rule out any potential dangers.

SpiceJet statement

The airline spokesperson confirmed the incident, highlighting the rigorous safety measures taken to address the bomb threat and secure the well-being of all involved.


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