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1st time voters have responsibility of building developed India by 2047: PM Modi at Namo Navmatdata Sammelan

Image Source : PTI Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with first time voters at Nav Matdata Sammelan

National Voters Day 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (January 25) greeted people on National Voters’ Day and urged those who have not yet registered themselves as voters to do so.

He said on X, “Greetings on National Voters Day, an occasion which celebrates our vibrant democracy and also a day to encourage people to register as voters, if they haven’t already.”

PM Modi address at ‘NaMo Nav Matdata Sammelan’:

PM Modi addressed the ‘Nav Matdata Sammelan’ virtually which brought together first-time voters from across India. The PM addressed lakhs of first-time voters on National Voter’s Day assembled at around 5,000 plus organised ‘NaMo Nav Matadata Sammelans’ across the country. 

While interacting with young voters during Namo Navmatdata Sammelan, PM Modi said, “You all have become an important part of the democratic system now as your names have been registered in the voter list. You all have been enrolled in the voter list at a time when the country is going through its ‘Amrit Kaal’.”

“You all have the responsibility of building a developed India by 2047. You all have a great opportunity to decide how you can get your names etched with golden letters in a developed India. Our speed, direction, approach will be decided by you all and voting will be one big medium of it,” said PM Modi. 

“On this day, to be among first-time voters fills me with energy.  You have now become the most important part of the democratic process…In the next 25 years, you have to determine both the future of Bharat and your own,” added PM Modi. 

During ‘NaMo Nav Matadata Sammelan’ for first-time voters, PM Modi said, “Today, people talk about credibility, not corruption; success stories, not scams. Earlier India was on the list of fragile five economies. But today, Bharat is the fifth largest economy in the world. In the coming years, India will become the top three economies in the world.”

As per BJP, this is the first time a PM has addressed first-time voters at such a large scale and reminded them of their responsibilities in nation-building. 

National Voters Day:

Since 2011, National Voters’ Day has been celebrated on January 25 every year to mark the foundation day of the Election Commission (EC).

Its main purpose is to encourage voters to participate in the electoral process. The EC organises drives to facilitate the enrolment of voters, especially the new ones.

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