My workload is twice or thrice as anybody else: Hardik Pandya on his role amid relentless ODI cricket


Hardik Pandya will be one of the key players for India in
Image Source : AP Hardik Pandya will be one of the key players for India in the ongoing Asia Cup and then the World Cup

Team India has had a mixed start to a hectic two months of ODI cricket as their top-order faltered against Pakistan and their fielding left too much to be desired against Nepal in the two games in the Asia Cup 2023 so far. However, there are still a lot of matches to be played in the next two months and the Men in Blue will hope that they can quickly come together as a team given there are a few players who are playing the format for the first time in months.

For India to go far in both Asia Cup and the World Cup, they need their big players to stand up and one of the most important components of the Indian white-ball side is all-rounder Hardik Pandya. Being the only pace-bowling all-rounder in the side, Hardik in the Pakistan game last week showed why he is indispensable in the line-up. However, given the history, his fitness and form will be crucial for India.

Speaking about his role in the side, Hardik said that being an all-rounder, his workload is probably the most and mentioned that everything from managing his workload to be able to do both things happens before the match and only the execution part happens in the match.

“As an all-rounder, my workload is twice or thrice as anyone else. When a batter in the team goes and bats and finishes his batting and is heading home, I’ll still be bowling after that. So for me, all the managing, all the pushing, and everything happens during the sessions or my training or my pre-camp season. When the game arrives, it is more about whatever the team requires, and the managing side goes out of the park, and it is more practical calls that how many overs are needed for me,” Hardik said on Star Sports show ‘Follow the Blues’.

Hardik said that during the game, practicality comes into play as when the team doesn’t want him to bowl 10 overs he will not push and if they do, he will deliver as the team requires and hence said that it’s important for him to be ready for anything and everything while taking decisions spontaneously as per requirement during the game.

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