IND vs ENG 1st Test Live Day 1: Spinball vs Bazball takes centre stage with India, England locking horns​

Image Source : INDIA TV India vs England 1st Test Day 1.

IND vs ENG 1st Test Live Day 1: Spinball vs Bazball takes centre stage with India, England locking horns​

IND vs ENG 1st Test Live Day 1: A start of a new series between two proud cricketing powerhouses. It’s India vs England – a series that calls for attention from all spheres of the cricket-loving world. Amidst all the talks of Test cricket’s future, this series might hold some significance in inspiring more youngsters to play the ultimate format of cricket but there should be no big expectations on anyone. And why should be because when these two take the field, the competition level takes the stratosphere and excitement reaches top-notch automatically. India captain Rohit Sharma also stated that he wants the team to play the best they can. “When I started playing under-19, that is when I used to watch a lot of Test matches even before then as well. That was 20, 25 years ago. So, yeah, obviously things change,” Rohit said ahead of the start of the series. “But as far as our team is concerned, we would like to go out there and play our best Test cricket talk about test cricket being the most important cricket, all of that we can do, obviously for the you know, generation that’s coming up for them to know that this is the cricket that you want to play and want to excel as well,” he added.

England’s Bazball is tempting to watch the format as well. Their desire to put everything on line for a result makes it a sight to behold whenever they take the field. The satisfaction of watching Test cricket when chips are down or when things are so fascinating (especially on the final day) that you just want to stick to your screens is unparalleled. The two will begin the series with the first stop at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad for the first Test. England’s Bazball – their new way of Test cricket and India’s spinball – the evergreen thing for all the visiting teams. This series shall be one to watch out for from all spheres of the cricket-loving world.


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