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Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: First Success For Rescuers; DRDO Robots At Site


In Uttarkashi of Uttarakhand, it’s the 9th day since the 41 labourers have been stuck in the tunnel. Efforts are ongoing to safely rescue all of them. In the first success for the rescue workers, a 6-inch pipe was inserted into the tunnel to assess the condition of the labourers. Through this pipe, essentials like food and drink, as well as mobile phones and other items, will be sent to the workers. Additionally, an endoscopic camera will be placed in this pipe, enabling live visuals of the labourers and allowing communication with them.

While five different agencies are working to make the rescue mission successful, the administration has prepared six plans to save the lives of the trapped labourers. Today marks the ninth day since 41 labourers got stuck in the tunnel collapse in Uttarkashi. To facilitate delivering essentials like food, drinks, and even mobile chargers to the labourers, a 6-inch pipe has been inserted into the tunnel. Anshu Manish Khalho, the Director of NHIDCL, provided further details, mentioning that continuous tremors were felt during the pipe insertion process.

An escape tunnel is being constructed inside the tunnel. Due to the movement of machines, there is considerable vibration in the tunnel, causing anxiety among the labourers involved in the rescue operation. A machine for drilling from the top of the tunnel is expected to arrive soon. It’s worth mentioning that the DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) has sent a 20-kilogram and a 50-kilogram robot inside the tunnel, intended to assess the situation accurately within the tunnel.

NHIDCL director Anshu Manish Khalkho said that the Defence Research & Development Organisation has sent 2 robots weighing 20 kg and 50 kg respectively. “The robots move on the ground and the land is working like sand, we are apprehending whether or not would the robots be able to move there…All machinery is coming, they are mobilised and will be here within a day or two…BRO is constructing roads wherever necessary on this end and the Barkot end (to enable the movement of machinery). Roads are ready on both sides, now we are waiting for the machinery. The machines are very heavy, they cannot be airlifted,” he said.


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