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Unbreakable Bond Of Friendship…: Former Maldives Presidents Special Republic Day Message To India Amid Row

NEW DELHI: Amid an ongoing diplomatic row with India, the former President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has extended his heartfelt greetings on the occasion of India’s 75th Republic Day. Solih, in his message to India, said, ”On the joyous occasion of India’s 75th Republic Day I extend best wishes to President Droupadi Murmu, PM Narendra Modi, the government and people of India. May the unbreakable bonds of friendship that have long existed between Maldives and India go from strength to strength.”

Solih’s heartfelt greetings resonate with hopes for the enduring bond between the Maldives and India, emphasizing the significance of nurturing longstanding ties in times of strife.

Diplomatic Strain

The diplomatic landscape between India and Maldives faced turbulence following contentious remarks from Maldivian officials regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep.

No License For Bulying: Muizu

Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu asserted the nation’s sovereignty in the face of perceived bullying, urging mutual respect and understanding in diplomatic interactions. Muizzu’s declaration underscored Maldives’ territorial integrity and maritime rights, emphasizing its stance on foreign intervention and cooperation in the region. In a bold move, Muizzu also demanded the withdrawal of Indian troops from Maldives, setting a deadline for action, and adding a new dimension to the diplomatic discourse.

The demand for troop withdrawal aligns with Muizzu’s party agenda, signalling a shift in Maldivian political dynamics and potentially impacting regional security arrangements.

Repercussions And Reactions

Amidst the fallout, condemnation from various quarters and a swift response from New Delhi highlighted the gravity of the situation and the urgency for diplomatic resolution.

Maldivian Government’s Response

Facing backlash, the Maldivian government distanced itself from disparaging remarks, emphasizing the importance of maintaining diplomatic decorum.


#BoycottMaldives gained momentum as Indian celebrities rallied in support of PM Modi’s vision for promoting tourism, reflecting solidarity in the face of adversity. In this intricate web of diplomatic tensions, Solih’s message stands as a beacon of hope, reminding both nations of the enduring value of friendship and cooperation.

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