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The True Khela Of Nitish Kumars U-Turn: Not The Chief Ministers Chair… But The 40 Lok Sabha Seats – Mystery Decoded Here

The recent shift in political power in Bihar has been a major topic of discussion, not just within the state but also in terms of its impact on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The opposition parties are particularly affected by Nitish Kumar’s departure from both the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the India National Democratic Alliance (IND). Opposition leaders have been vocally critical of Nitish Kumar, while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has endorsed his decision. This political maneuvering is primarily driven by the strategies being formed for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Surprise in National Politics: Bihar’s Scenario

The political upheaval in Bihar has taken the entire nation by surprise. The recent change in the state’s leadership, occurring just before the Lok Sabha elections, has posed significant challenges for the IND alliance. The response from the leaders of the IND alliance has been more pronounced compared to that from Bihar’s leaders, largely due to the previously perceived strength of the IND alliance in Bihar for these elections. (Nitish Kumar Takes Oath As Bihar Chief Minister For Record 9th Time)

Disruption of IND Alliance’s Plans

Nitish Kumar’s decision to switch sides has significantly disrupted the plans of the IND alliance. The BJP, on the other hand, has managed to strengthen its position for the Bihar Lok Sabha elections by bringing Nitish Kumar into its fold. Reports suggest that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself has raised concerns about the internal dynamics of the IND alliance, especially regarding the distribution of electoral seats, which has led to political instability in the region.

The NDA’s Enhanced Position in Bihar

The BJP has been consistently working to consolidate its presence in Bihar. A notable development was the central government’s decision to award the Bharat Ratna to Jan Nayak Karpoori Thakur, a move seen as significant in the context of the Lok Sabha elections. This indicates the BJP’s heightened focus and strategic planning for Bihar in the upcoming elections. Nitish Kumar’s alignment with the BJP further solidifies their position, leaving little room for the IND alliance.

Congress’s Reaction to Nitish Kumar’s Move

The Congress party has expressed its discontent with the power shift in Bihar, drawing a parallel between Nitish Kumar and a ‘chameleon’ for his frequent changes in political allegiance. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge remarked on the prevalence of political turncoats in the country, emphasizing that Nitish Kumar had the option to stay but chose to leave. Jairam Ramesh, a senior Congress leader, criticized Kumar’s move as a political drama, aimed at distracting from the ‘Bharat Jodo Justice Yatra’. He pointed out Nitish Kumar’s tendency to frequently change political allies, likening him to a chameleon in his ability to change colors.

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