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‘Tabhi To Modi Ko Chunte Hai’: BJP Launches New Campaign For 2024 Lok Sabha Polls – Watch


NEW DELHI: In a strategic move, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unleashed an ambitious campaign for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha Elections on Thursday. The party, led by national president J P Nadda, released a compelling 2-minute 10-second video explaining the reasons why people gravitate towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Captivating Song: ‘Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte’

Titled ‘Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte Hain’ (That’s why people choose Modi), the song serves as the heart of the campaign, resonating with the sentiments of the masses. Launched in the presence of Prime Minister Modi, the campaign, deemed organic, aligns seamlessly with the prevailing national fervour encapsulated in the ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’ movement.



BJP’s Mass Appeal: From Dreams To Reality

During the campaign launch at the First-time Voters Conclave (Nav Matdata Sammelan), a poignant music video underscored how Prime Minister Modi has transformed the dreams and aspirations of millions of Indians into tangible reality. The BJP contends that the campaign slogan isn’t just a sentiment confined to a select few but one that echoes with the broader population.

Nadda’s Call To Action

J P Nadda urged party members to connect with the sentiment of the people and disseminate awareness about this pivotal campaign across every corner of the country. Speaking passionately at the launch, Nadda emphasized how PM Modi has delivered on promises and dreams spanning generations, turning aspirations into accomplishments.

Manifestation Of Dreams: PM Modi’s Impact Across Domains

According to Nadda, the Modi government’s initiatives have translated numerous dreams into reality. From empowering the youth through startups to ensuring farmers can sell produce internationally and uplifting the poor from poverty, PM Modi’s leadership promises a prosperous India. The campaign highlights faith in Modi’s ability to instinctively understand and fulfill the dreams of the people.

Comprehensive Election Campaign: Beyond The Song

The ‘Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte Hai’ campaign encompasses various components. In addition to the emotive main song, the BJP plans to release a foot-tapping massy song aligning with the campaign theme. Digital hoardings, display banners, and digital films will be rolled out gradually, each emphasizing PM Modi’s achievements in specific domains, reinforcing his status as the natural choice for the people. The phased approach aims to build a robust case for the continued support of the electorate in the upcoming polls.


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