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Success Story: From A Fathers Unfortunate Encounter With Police To His Sons Journey To Becoming A Judge – A Compelling And Uplifting Story From Bihar

New Delhi: A man’s journey from the Saharsa region of Bihar is inspiring numerous social media users. Kamlesh, a resident of Saharsa, achieved the 64th position overall in the 2022 Bihar Judiciary Exam. His success is attributed to years of relentless dedication and hardship endured by his father, who juggled occasional rickshaw pulling and porter work.

Kamlesh’s father had a tumultuous past, having once been physically assaulted by a police officer while selling ‘Chhole-Bhature’ on a hand-kart. This incident marked a turning point in their lives. Kamlesh reveals that his father hailed from a very low-income background, with a history of living in a Delhi slum alongside ten siblings.

The family faced further challenges when a government directive led to the demolition of unauthorized homes behind the Red Fort. Forced to relocate across the Yamuna into a rented home, Kamlesh’s father turned to selling hand-carts at Chandni Chowk to sustain the family.

Inspired by his father’s hardships and the power of the judiciary, Kamlesh, then a Delhi University law student, shifted his focus from becoming a lawyer to aspiring to be a judge. Despite facing obstacles, including a failed attempt at the Bihar Judiciary exam during the pandemic, Kamlesh persisted in his efforts.

Finally, in 2022, Kamlesh achieved success, securing the 64th position in the 31st Bihar Judiciary Examination. The moment of realization, when a friend informed him of his selection over the phone, brought Kamlesh to tears. Alone at home, he was initially unable to locate his name on the results list, but the news of his success eventually reached him.

His family, caught in various daily activities, shared tears of joy upon learning of Kamlesh’s remarkable achievement. The story serves as a testament to perseverance, determination, and the transformative power of education.

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