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Rahul Lacked Courage… Kerala CM Alleges Congress Hid Its, Ally Muslim Leagues Flag In Wayanad Rally


New Delhi: A day after Congress MP Rahul Gandhi initiated his election campaign for the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat with a roadshow, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan raised allegations against the Congress party. He claimed that the party and its ally, the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), did not display their flags during the event due to fear of the BJP.

Vijayan criticized Gandhi for his alleged lack of courage to publicly display his party’s flag. He argued that the Congress party’s actions suggest that it seeks the votes of the IUML but fails to acknowledge the importance of the IUML’s flag.

“The Congress has fallen to a level where it is afraid of communal forces,” Vijayan claimed during a press conference. He further accused the Congress party of losing its identity in front of the Sangh Parivar and being afraid to display its own flag.

Vijayan argued that the people of Kerala need representatives who can fight on national issues and stand with the public. He contended that the Left Democratic Front (LDF) is capable of doing both, which is why there is popular sentiment in its favor.

Rahul Gandhi’s recent roadshow in Wayanad was noticeably different from the one in 2019 when the green flags of ally IUML outnumbered the Congress’s in the crowd. This time, both flags were conspicuously absent. Vijayan suggested that this was because the BJP had criticized the Congress over the IUML flags during the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

The Marxist veteran claimed that the Congress appears to have forgotten the sacrifices behind their flag and seemed to be yielding to the Sangh Parivar’s wish to relinquish their tri-colored flag. He alleged that the Congress was choosing to disregard the history behind their flag during such a crucial election out of fear of the BJP.

“This is not a mere election strategy. The Congress and League can decide whether they want their own flag or not, but they are risking their own existence and people will see that,” Vijayan warned.

Vijayan referred to a recent statement by BJP MP from Rajasthan, Jyoti Mirdha, about amending the Constitution. He said that the saffron party has not been able to do so until now due to a lack of majority in the Rajya Sabha.

When asked about the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) extending its support to the United Democratic Front (UDF) in Kerala, Vijayan suggested that there appears to be some kind of deal between the two.

In response to queries about allegations that the CPI(M) has hidden or secret accounts in the Karuvannur Cooperative Bank, which is embroiled in a multi-crore financial scam being probed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), Vijayan denied the allegations. He stated that the Left party does not have any secret accounts anywhere as it has no need for black money since people help it out with funds.

Congress Hits Back At Vijayan Over ‘Flag’ Remarks

On Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s statement on the flag issue in Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow, Kerala Assembly LoP and Congress leader VD Satheesan says, “The Kerala CM is having an unholy nexus with the BJP. 5 years back when Rahul Gandhi landed in Wayanad, the BJP made a controversy regarding the flag issue.”

“After 5 years, the CM of Kerala is making a controversy on the same subject, i.e., the flag, because he is adjusting with the BJP. Our propaganda should be decided by UDF and not by the CM of Kerala. There is no need to intervene in our propaganda. We don’t want any assistance from Kerala CM,” Satheesan added.


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