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Lok Sabha Polls: On Rahul Gandhis Country Will Be On Fire Remark, PM Modi Accuses Congress Of Instigating People


Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Campaigning for the BJP from Uttarakhand’s Rudrapur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an all-out attack on the Congress and opposition leader Rahul Gandhi. Addressing the public meeting, Modi said that afraid of defeat, the Congress prince is making statements to instigate people against the public mandate. PM Modi also slammed the dynasty politics saying that while the BJP thinks of nation first, other parties think about the family first.

PM Modi Responds To Rahul

Hitting out at Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said, “The prince of the royal family of Congress has announced that if the nation elects Modi government for the third time, the country will be on fire. The emergency-minded Congress no longer has faith in democracy. Therefore, now it is busy instigating people against the mandate.” PM Modi also asked people to defeat the opposition candidates in this election. “Chun chun kar saaf kar do, inko maidan me rahne mat do,” said Modi.

PM Modi was responding to Rahul Gandhi’s remark made during the INDIA bloc’s ‘Save Democracy’ rally held in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan on March 31. 

Rahul Gandhi’s Statement

Addressing people during the opposition’s rally on March 31, Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP and Prime Minister Modi of “manipulating” the forthcoming Lok Sabha election. He asserted, “They can’t secure more than 180 seats without relying on EVMs, orchestrating match-fixing, manipulating social media, and exerting pressure on the press.” He further added, “If the BJP triumphs in these manipulated elections and subsequently amends the Constitution, it will ignite nationwide turmoil. Remember my words, such actions would endanger the very existence of our country.


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