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BJP-Led Centre Trying To Create A Hindu-Muslim Divide With CAA: Mehbooba Mufti


SRINAGAR: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, has voiced apprehensions about the Centre’s implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), alleging that it aims to create a Hindu-Muslim divide and divert attention from the BJP’s perceived weaknesses. In a press conference at the party office in Srinagar, Mufti labelled the move as anti-Muslim, accusing the BJP of attempting to instigate tension and unrest. She highlighted the BJP’s alleged strategy of demolishing mosques and creating provocations, emphasizing their desire to see people take to the streets.

Warning Against Falling Into The BJP’s Trap

Mufti cautioned Muslims against reacting impulsively, urging them to engage in a legal battle instead of taking to the streets. She emphasized thoughtful voting and understanding of the BJP’s alleged gameplan. Speaking to the reporters at the party office in Srinagar, the PDP president said, ‘When we look at BJP’s report card of last ten years regarding unemployment, farmers, and the thought of taking the country backwards, they (BJP) are now trying their best to create a rift between Hindu’s and Muslims.”



Mufti further said, ”They (BJP) want the people to come out on the roads, and for this they have been doing things like demolishing mosques, looking for an idol in the mosque. Recently, the man who saved the people stuck in a tunnel, his house was also demolished. They tried everything and they have realized that Muslims are not coming on the roads like they expected and now with CAA they just want to provoke people.”

“Muslims need not to come on the roads as the case will be fought legally. People need to cast their vote after proper thinking,” said the former chief minister while urging the Muslims to understand the BJP’s alleged gameplan and not fall into its trap.

“77 years after partition BJP is still wedded to the concept of two nation theory of Hindu Mahasabha. To further their agenda they have thus implemented CAA to create another partition among our people,” Mehbooba has posted on X.



BJP’s Religious Agenda Exposed: Omar Abdullah

National Conference Vice-President, Omar Abdullah, echoed Mufti’s concerns, stating that the BJP’s use of religion in the upcoming polls was evident. Abdullah expressed surprise at the timing of the CAA announcement, just days before the election notification, and singled out Muslims in the controversial legislation.

Centre Notifies Rules For CAA Implementation

The Union Home Ministry recently notified the rules for implementing the CAA, fulfilling Home Minister Amit Shah’s earlier promise. The law, passed in 2019, aims to grant Indian citizenship to persecuted non-Muslim migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Despite protests and delays, the CAA is set to be implemented, with an online portal established for a digital application process. The rules include disclosing the entry year into India without additional documentation.

Centre Vs Opposition Over CAA 

The delayed implementation of the CAA, which has been in the works for over four years, has raised questions about the government’s commitment. Critics argue that guidelines should have been formulated within six months of receiving presidential assent, as per parliamentary procedures. With over a hundred lives lost during protests and police actions, the CAA remains a contentious issue, especially in West Bengal. The BJP sees its implementation as a significant factor contributing to the party’s rise in the state.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs annual report, between April 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021, 1,414 individuals from non-Muslim minority communities were granted Indian citizenship under the Citizenship Act of 1955. The citizenship-granting authorities have been implemented in nine states, excluding Assam and West Bengal. Despite strong objections from the Opposition parties, Union Home Minister Amit Shah earlier reaffirmed the BJP’s commitment to implementing the controversial CAA, dismissing any possibility of halting its enforcement.


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