Malika Rajput, popular singer and actor, dies under suspicious circumstances in Sultanpur

Image Source : INSTAGRAM Malika Rajput’s body was found hanging inside the room.

Sultanpur’s famous singer and actress Vijay Lakshmi aka Malika Rajput has died under suspicious circumstances. Her body was found hanging in the room of her house. Local police has started investigating the case after sending the body for post-mortem. 

On Tuesday, the body of the singer and actress was found hanging from the fan in the room inside the house, located in Sitakund area of Kotwali Nagar. Members of her family are in a complete state of shock. People living nearby their  house have also gathered at the spot. They were also seen consoling Malika’s mother. Meanwhile, the local police reached the spot and filled the Panchayat Nama of the body and sent the body for post-mortem.

Mallika’s mother Sumitra Singh told that they were unaware of the incident when it happened. ”Earlier the door was closed. And the light was on. We took three rounds but could not open the door. At last, I looked through the window and saw that she was standing there. When I knocked on the door, I saw that our daughter was hanging. I called my husband and others but she was no more,” she said. 

On this entire incident, police officer Shriram Pandey said that prima facie it seems to be a case of suicide. It will become clear only after the post-mortem report comes. Further legal action will be taken only on the basis of that report.

Reported by Jagriti Srivastava

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