‘I did apologise to him, he started crying..’: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan on backlash over viral assault video

Image Source : X Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has sung many popular Bollywood numbers like ‘O Re Piya’.

Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. A video of him assaulting a man, Naveed Hasnain, made rounds on the internet, following which the singer captivated massive backlash on social media. Now, in a podcast with Adeel Asif, the Pakistani singer gave clarification on the incident after netizens trolled and criticised him. 

”I did apologise to him. He started crying and said, ‘Ustaad ji (Sir) why are you doing this? Baap ka jaise role hota hai. Shagird ki baap hone ki jarurat hai. Humne woh role hi adaa kia hai,” he said. 

During the conversation, he also mentioned that he has been helping Naveed’s family by paying for their medical treatments and wedding expenses. 

Reacting to the backlash, he said, ”He is my protege and I accepted that I scolded and trashed him. Later I apologised. Till this point, it was fine but people are making fun of it. But the truth is he had my holy water with him. People are not understanding the intensity of the situation. It’s a very serious matter for me as it involves my spiritual guide.”

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About the viral incident

A video of the singer went viral wherein he was seen assaulting a man. In the video, he kept asking the man, ”where is my bottle?” After the video made headlines, Rahat called it an ‘internal matter’ between him and the man. ”Whatever you have seen in these videos is about an internal matter between an ustaad (master) and a shagird (protege). When a protege does a good job, we shower a lot of them and when they make a mistake, we punish them as well… I had apologised to him at the same time,” the singer said in his clarification. 

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