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Israeli women and children set to be released from captivity as Israel-Hamas deal nearly complete: Report

Image Source : AP Israeli protestors carrying photographs of their loved members who are apprehended by Hamas militants.

In a major development, a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will last five days, and 40 children and 13 female hostages will be released from Hamas captivity, the Jerusalem Post reported citing its sources on Tuesday.

According to the report, the Israeli cabinet led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will convene a meeting at around 8 pm on Tuesday. The main agenda of the meeting will be to weigh the release of up to 80 out of over 239 people seized by terrorists during Hamas’ infiltration of southern Israel on October 7.

The deal could include an initial release of 50 hostages, expected to be women and children, within the first four days in exchange for a pause in the fighting, a senior Israeli source told reporters on Tuesday evening.

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