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Israeli military confirms body of a second Israeli hostage recovered near Al-Shifa Hospital

Image Source : ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES/X Noa Marciano, whose body was found in Al Shifa hospital.

The body of a 19-year-old soldier who was among about 240 people captured by Hamas during its October 7 raid in Israel and died in captivity, was found Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said on Friday. According to IDF, her body was found and extracted by troops adjacent to the Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

“19-year-old CPL Noa Marciano was abducted and murdered by Hamas terrorists on October 7. Her body was found and extracted by IDF troops adjacent to the Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The IDF sends its heartfelt condolences to the family and will continue to support them,” the IDF said in a social media post.

Noa Marciano is the first hostage confirmed to have died

Earlier, Israel’s military on Tuesday declared Noa Marciano a fallen soldier without giving a cause of death. She was the first hostage confirmed to have died in captivity.

Hamas released a hostage video late Monday showing Marciano identifying herself. In a statement likely given under duress, she said Israeli strikes were hitting near where she was being held and called on Israel to halt them.

The video then showed images of what appeared to be her dead body. Hamas said she was killed in an Israeli strike, without providing evidence.

Initially, IDF had denied 

The Israeli military did not initially acknowledge her death after the video was released, saying Hamas “continues to exploit psychological terrorism and act inhumanely, through videos and photos of the hostages.”

Hamas says dozens of captives have been killed in Israeli strikes but has not provided evidence. Israel has dismissed such claims as psychological warfare.

Families of other hostages who are marching from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem over the next five days to draw attention to their loved ones’ plight observed a minute of silence in Marciano’s memory.

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