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Israel-Hamas War LIVE: Ground offensive looms as IDF attacks Hezbollah’s infrastructue, death toll soars 4600

Image Source : AP Israeli Defence Forces

Israel-Hamas war LIVE: The Israel-Hamas war, now in its 17th day, is the deadliest of five Gaza wars for both sides. The Palestinian Health Ministry on Sunday said that the death toll in Gaza had reached at least 4,651 people, with another 14,254 people wounded in the besieged territory. The ministry said 93 Palestinians were also killed in violence and Israeli raids in the occupied West Bank since Hamas militants stormed into Israel on October 7. More than 1,650 others were wounded, it added. More than 1,400 people in Israel have been killed, mostly in the initial Hamas attack. In addition, 203 people were believed captured by Hamas during the incursion and taken into Gaza, the Israeli military has said.

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