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‘Enough is enough, no green light to Israel for unconditional killing…’, says Qatar’s ruling emir

Image Source : AP Qatar’s ruling emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani

Israel-Hamas war: Amid the unrelenting war between Israel and Hamas, Qatar’s ruling emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, on Tuesday warned Tel Aviv of the “brutal atrocities against women and children in Gaza” and added that world leaders should not give “a green light for unconditional killings”.

While addressing the Gulf Arab state’s advisory Shura council, Sheikh Tamim, said, “We say enough. Israel shouldn’t be granted an unconditional green light and unrestricted authorisation to kill.”

Notably, the statement from Qatar’s emir came as Gaza health authorities claimed that Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 5,000 people including women and children since the war escalated between the two nations.

At least 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza are unable to access essential health services, and some 5,500 are due to give birth in the coming month, according to the World Health Organization.

At least seven of the almost 30 hospitals have been forced to shut down due to damage from relentless Israeli strikes and a lack of power, water and other supplies. Doctors in the remaining hospitals said they are on the brink.

Not enough fuel to run generators 

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees said on Sunday it has enough fuel to last three days to serve critical needs.

“The world cannot simply look on as these babies are killed by the siege on Gaza … A failure to act is to sentence these babies to death,” said Melanie Ward, chief executive of the Medical Aid for Palestinians aid group.

None of the 20 aid trucks that crossed into Gaza on Saturday, the first since the siege was imposed, contained fuel, amid Israeli fears it will end up in Hamas’ hands. Limited fuel supplies inside Gaza were being sent to hospital generators.

Seven tankers took fuel from a UN depot on the Gaza side of the border, but it was unclear if any of that was destined for the hospitals. But will eventually run out if more is not permitted to enter. Tarik Jašarević, a WHO spokesman, said 150,000 litres (40,000 gallons) of fuel are required to offer basic services in Gaza’s five main hospitals.

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