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China: Seven killed in rainstorms, over 70 crocodiles escape from farm in Guangdong


Heavy rains have battered China since July
Image Source : AP Heavy rains have battered China since July

At least seven people have been killed in rainstorms in southern and over 70 crocodiles have escaped from a farm in the city of Maoming, located near the coast in Guangdong province.

According to reports by Chinese media, residents have been advised to stay at home after over 70 crocodiles broke lose from the farm. They include 69 adult crocodiles and six young ones. Some of the crocodiles have been captured in a difficult operation because of the depth of the lake.

So far, no injuries or deaths have been reported since the crocodiles escaped. 

Meanwhile, seven people were killed and three others are currently missing due to several landslides in Yulin city of Guangxi region. These landslides were triggered by heavy rainfall that has claimed the lives of two people in Hong Kong.

Rains in China

Earlier this month, many parts of southern China and Hong Kong bore the brunt of a powerful typhoon Saola leading to cancellation of flights and classes. Rail authorities in mainland China suspended all trains entering or leaving Guangdong province from September 1 till the next day.

In recent months, China has experienced some of its heaviest rains and deadliest flooding in years in various regions, with scores killed, including in outlying mountainous parts of the capital, Beijing.

Several people have been killed in flash floods across the country, with Hebei province estimating losses over 95 billion Yuan. Days of heavy rain hit areas in the city’s mountainous western outskirts especially hard, causing the collapse of 59,000 homes, damage to almost 150,000 others and flooding of more than 15,000 hectares of cropland.

Given the level of damage, it could take up to three years to restore full functions. However, other areas are suffering from the scorching summer heat and drought, threatening residents’ heath and the autumn harvest. 

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