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Russian military plane crashes after it turns into flames, all personnel on board killed I VIDEO


Russian military plane crash
Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA Russian military plane crash

Moscow: A month after a Russian military plane crashed with Ukrainian Prisoners of War, a similar report emerged on Russian media where it said that a military cargo plane caught on fire and crashed in the Ivanovo region northeast of Moscow. The incident occurred on Tuesday when the IL-76 aircraft was captured descending toward the ground with one of its engines on fire. Other footage showed a column of black smoke rising from the crash site, The Moscow Times reported.

VIDEO: Russian military plane crashes

According to reports, at least 15 personnel who were on board the ill-fated plane, were killed in the accident. Russia’s Defence Ministry said the plane crashed shortly after its takeoff. It said one of its engines caught fire.

Earlier in January, a Russian military plane crashed while carrying 65 Ukrainian service members as well as six crew members and three people. The Ministry accused Ukraine of shooting the POW’s plane. The ministry said that the prisoners were being transported to the Belgorod region for an exchange. Two senior Russian lawmakers alleged, without providing evidence, that the plane was brought down by missiles launched by Ukrainian forces.

However, Ukraine rejected the claims and alleged Russia of misinforming its citizens. Instead, it cautioned against sharing “unverified information.” Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine, has come under frequent attacks from Ukraine in recent months, including a December missile strike which killed 25 people.

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