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Opposition on same page with Centre on Russia-Ukraine issue: Rahul Gandhi in Belgium


Rahul Gandhi in Belgium
Image Source : PTI Rahul Gandhi in Belgium

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is on Europe trip, said that the Opposition and the Central government are on the same page as far as Russia-Ukraine war is concerned. “I think the Opposition, by and large, would agree with India’s current position on the conflict (between Russia and Ukraine). We have a relationship with Russia. I don’t think the Opposition would have a different position than what the Government is currently proposing,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday left for an almost week-long Europe tour during which he will hold meetings with European Union (EU) lawyers, students and the Indian diaspora. During his trip Gandhi met a group of EU lawyers in Brussels and also held a similar meeting in The Hague.Β He is also slated to participate in a meeting of the Labour Union of France in Paris on September 9. Thereafter, he will visit Norway, where he will address a diaspora event in Oslo on September 10, they said. Gandhi is likely to return by September 11, a day after the G20 summit concludes.

On G20

“I think the G 20 is an important conversation. It is a good thing that India is hosting it. Of course, there are issues in India that we raise but the framing – that are they giving them a free pass β€” is not exactly correct.”

On Article 370

“Our position on Article 370 is very clear. It’s in a resolution passed in the CWC. We are for ensuring that every single person in our country has a voice, and is allowed to express themselves. We feel very strongly that Kashmir should develop, Kashmir should progress, and there should be peace.”

On democracy

“There are serious issues about the type of actions that are being taken with regards to institutions and democracy (in India). They have decided not to invite the Leader of Opposition. It tells you that they don’t value the leader of 60 per cent of India’s population”

On no invitation to Kharge in G20 dinner

“What is contrary about it? They have decided not to invite the Leader of the Opposition. It tells you something. It tells you that they don’t value the Leader of 60% of India’s population. It’s something that people should think about – why they are feeling the need to do that and what is the type of thinking that goes behind that.”

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