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Horoscope Today, November 16: Gemini can excel in their careers; know about other zodiac signs

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Horoscope for November 16 2023: Today is Udaya Tithi Tritiya and Thursday of Kartik Shukla Paksha. Tritiya Tithi will last till 12.35 pm today, this morning at 9 o’clock. Sukarma Yoga will last for 59 minutes, after which Dhriti Yoga will take place. Also, Moola Nakshatra will remain till 2.17 pm tonight. Tonight at 1:19 pm, Sun God will move out of Libra and enter Scorpio. Know from Acharya Indu Prakash how the day of 16 November 2023 will be for you and by what measures you can make this day better. Also, know which lucky number and lucky color will be for you.


Today your day is going to be favorable for you. Today you can go out for some important work, do not forget to keep your important belongings. Today your business will have better profits than usual. You can plan to go on a trip with friends. The ongoing discord in a relationship will end today. Today you can go to buy jewelry to surprise your spouse. Take care of the elders in the family.

Lucky colour- blue

Lucky number- 7


Today is going to be a day full of enthusiasm. The situation in your business will remain better. The discord in family life will end today, happiness will increase in your family. Students pursuing nursing will be successful in their careers. Today you will make some new friends. If you are looking for a job then today is a good day to send your resume or give an interview. Today you will get support from your father in completing some work.

Lucky colour– Golden
Lucky number- 5


Today has brought happiness in your life. Today children will get some good news in terms of careers. Listen carefully to what your elders say, it will be beneficial for you in the future. The youth can get a good job. There will be opportunities for progress in business. People who are associated with politics will get praise for their past work. If you want to buy electronic goods then today is a good day. Sweetness will remain in married life.

Lucky colour yellow
Lucky number- 5


Today your day will be normal. Students studying away from home can meet their parents today. There will be an increase in the salary of the employees working in the company. Private teachers will get job offers from some good colleges. Today is going to be a better day for people associated with social work. Today your love mates can go out somewhere, and the bond of your relationship will become stronger. People preparing for government jobs need to continue working hard.

Lucky colour – Silver
Lucky number- 9


Today is going to be a great day. There will be benefits due to the efforts made to enhance your career. Today you will be happy to meet your loved one. Today your good image will shine in front of people. Due to the success of the child, there will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house. In the evening
You will have a good time with your spouse. Today children will ask for their mother’s help in some important work. Your health will be fine today. The pending work will be completed and you will get mental peace.

Lucky colour- pink
Lucky number- 6


Today is going to be a better day for you. Today there will be more work at your workplace. Today you should avoid trusting strangers too much. You will think of making some new changes at the social level. You will also get the support of other people, this will make your work easier.
Will go. Today your thinking will remain positive, you will be successful in your work. Overall, today is going to be a good day. There are chances for students to get success.

Lucky colour- red
Lucky number- 5


Today is going to be a good day for you. Your children will fully support you in business. The day is especially good for the artists of the cinema world. Today you will make a new plan for work, and with this, your work will be completed easily. Today even in small things
Will be successful in finding happiness. If you try to understand the situation properly today, you will easily find the solution. Good marital relations will come for unmarried people.

Lucky colour- green
Lucky number- 1

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Today is going to be a day full of excitement for you. Do not reveal your business plans to strangers today, someone may copy them. There will be good profits in property sale-purchase-related business. Working women of this zodiac sign will remain busy due to work. You will go to the market to buy some essential items where you will meet a relative and you will discuss some things with him. Lovemates will go to watch a movie and will also respect each other’s feelings.

Lucky colour- black
Lucky number- 2


Today is going to be a day full of happiness for you. Today your work seems to be completed on time. Students of this zodiac sign will be excited about their studies today. Will make a new plan to expand the business, which will prove effective. Your financial condition will improve due to the sudden receipt of money today.
The situation will be strong. Today there will be happiness in married life. You will be happy to get support from your parents in your work.

Lucky colour- yellow
Lucky number- 9


Today is going to be a favorable day for you. Today there are chances of progress in your business. You will take full care of the cleanliness around you. You will get success in any work only with less hard work, which will keep your mind happy. Players encouraged by their coaches today
Will get it, so that he can perform well in sports. Today you can think of doing something new. Your spouse may demand some jewelry from you today.

Lucky colour– maroon
Lucky number- 4


Today is going to be a golden day for you. You will feel good if you help an elderly person. If you do your work today with positive thinking, you will be successful. Science teachers will have a very busy day today. Be careful with your work in the office today
Do it, so that no one can back-bite you. People associated with this zodiac sign’s business will gain more money than expected. Your popularity will increase at the social level.

Lucky colour- pink
Lucky number- 8


Today is going to be a great day for you. Students will get to learn something new from seniors. You may have to rush for some work today. Your work will be appreciated in the office. Someone’s progress in the family will create a festive atmosphere. You will give gifts to your children; there will be an atmosphere of happiness among the children. Spend time with elders today, they will enjoy it. Your mind will be full of enthusiasm after completing your responsibilities in the family.

Lucky colour- brown
Lucky number- 9

(Acharya Indu Prakash is a well-known astrologer of the country, who has vast experience in Vastu, Samudrik Shastra, and Astrology. You see him giving predictions every morning at 7.30 am on India TV.)

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