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‘Go and sit in ladies coach’: Man tells woman in spat over seat in Delhi Metro | WATCH


'Go and sit in ladies coach: Man tells woman in argument
Image Source : @GHARKEKALESH/TWITTER ‘Go and sit in ladies coach: Man tells woman in argument over seat in Delhi Metro

In yet another incident of verbal spat breaking out in the Delhi Metro, a fresh video has emerged which shows a man and a womn involved in a heated conversation over a seat. 

The video, that has been making rounds on the internet, showed both of them exchanging heated words over a seat in the Metro coach. After some time, another woman joins in the argument taking the woman’s side. 

The man suggested to the woman to head to the women’s special coach as it is empty. She continues to argue with him over the seat while other passengers try to stop the brawl in vain.  

The clip was shared by a handle named @gharkekalesh on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption, “Kalesh b/w a Guy and a lady inside Delhi metro over seat issues.”

The clip has gathered over 1 lakh views since it was first shared on the social media platform. Several users expressed their thoughts on the video with most stating that such kinds of incidents created with trouble for other passengers and should be avoided.

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