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10 deaths in 24 hours while performing Garba! Can dancing trigger heart attack?


Can dancing trigger heart attack
Image Source : FREEPIK Can dancing trigger heart attack

Navratri celebrations took a tragic turn for families in Gujarat as 10 people including a 13-year-old died of a reported heart attack in 24 hours while playing Garba in the state. Among the victims, the 13-year-old child hailed from Dabhoi, Baroda, while the others ranged from teenagers to middle-aged adults. The unfortunate incidents included a 24-year-old Garba enthusiast from Ahmedabad who collapsed and passed away after losing consciousness. Moreover, a 17-year-old boy suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and succumbed while engaged in Garba in Kapadvanj, Kheda district.

Sharing details of the incident, Dr Aayush Patel, MD Medicine told ANI that, “A 17-year-old boy, Veer Shah, was playing Garba at the Garba ground in Kapadvanj when he complained of dizziness and became unresponsive. A team of volunteers at the scene immediately attended on him and performed a cardio-respiratory resuscitation. We monitored his vitals but found no pulse. There was no response and signs of respiration. He was given three cycles of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). We shifted him to a hospital by ambulance. However, he was declared dead at the hospital.”

So, can dancing really cause a heart attack? Dancing is generally good for your health and doesn’t directly cause heart attacks in healthy individuals. However, there are some important things to be aware of:-

  1. Pre-existing Heart Conditions: If you already have heart problems, like clogged arteries, irregular heartbeats, or heart failure, dancing vigorously can put extra strain on your heart. It’s crucial to check with your doctor before doing strenuous dances to make sure it’s safe for you.
  2. Overexertion: Dancing is great exercise, but doing too much too quickly can lead to issues. You might get dehydrated, tired, and put extra stress on your heart. It’s important to take breaks and drink water while dancing.
  3. Substance Use: Using alcohol or drugs while dancing can be risky for your heart. These substances can mess with your heart rate and blood pressure, which could lead to heart problems. It’s best to avoid them when dancing.
  4. Extreme Dance Styles: Some dance styles, like breakdancing or intense aerobic dancing, can be really physically demanding. If you’re not used to this kind of activity, you could overexert yourself. Make sure you’re in good shape and gradually build up your stamina.

‘People suffering from high blood pressure, and diabetes should avoid Garba’  

Meanwhile, the organisers of commercial ‘Garba’ events in towns and cities have been asked to deploy an ambulance and a medical team at the venue so that participants get aid immediately in case of a health emergency. 

The circular by Gujarat government did not mention any punitive action if it was not complied with, but the minister said organisers would be given permission only after they give an assurance about compliance. The intention behind the directive was that participants get timely treatment in case of emergencies “such as blood pressure issue or snake bite,” state health minister Rushikesh Patel said. 

Citing the circular, Patel said doctors and other staff at government hospitals and health centres situated close to garba venues have been asked to remain on duty till midnight during Navratri. People suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease should avoid playing garba, it added. 

The Ahmedabad chapter of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) had also advised people above 40 with a family history of heart disease should get a medical check-up before participating in garba dance.


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