Asia Cup: Heavy rains predicted for today, check Colombo’s hourly weather forecast for India-Pakistan clash


Heavy rain is predicted today in Colombo as India take on
Image Source : GETTY Heavy rain is predicted today in Colombo as India take on Pakistan in Super Fours

The 2023 edition of Asia Cup has moved forward quite a bit with Pakistan and Sri Lanka getting their first wins on the board in Super Fours beating Bangladesh in their respective games. Team India are yet to play a game in the Super Fours and will hope that the rain stays away on Sunday, September 10 with the heavens opening up only in their matches so far in the tournament. The first India-Pakistan clash was washed out due to rain while the Men in Blue chased down a DLS-adjusted target in the second game against Nepal. 

The Sri Lanka-Bangladesh encounter remained interruption-free as even though the clouds did get dark a couple of times, the heavens didn’t open up but the forecast isn’t looking encouraging enough for the India-Pakistan match.

The match begins at 3 PM local time in Colombo and the rain prediction stands at 92 per cent, which is the highest during the whole day. It’s 91 per cent an hour before the match and it doesn’t look encouraging enough for a timely start. 

The probability reduces to 87 per cent at 4 PM but stays in high 80s for the rest of the evening – 89 at 5 PM, 87 at 6 PM, 88 at 7 PM, 89 at 8 PM, 88 at 9 PM, 86 at 10 PM and 91 at 11 PM.

India Tv - Colombo weather forecast on September 10

Image Source : SCREENGRAB/WEATHER.COMColombo weather forecast on September 10

If the forecast is anything to go by, we will be lucky to have any game on Sunday, September 10. Thankfully, there’s a reserve day in place but the fans and the players, especially the Indian team will hope that the result is achieved on Sunday itself, given they have to play against Sri Lanka on Tuesday, September 12.

Pakistan already have two points in the Super Fours and with the rest of the five games of the tournament slated to be held in Colombo, the forecast needs to get better rather quickly otherwise, there’s a threat of the tournament becoming a damp squib.

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