Asia Cup 2023: What happens if India vs Pakistan clash is washed out due to rain on reserve day?


The India-Pakistan match was forced into reserve day due to
Image Source : BCCI TWITTER The India-Pakistan match was forced into reserve day due to rain and a wet outfield in Colombo

Rain continued to chase the Indian team wherever and whenever they are playing in the ongoing Asia Cup as the Colombo weather stayed true to the prediction during the Super Fours clash in the Asia Cup 2023 on Sunday, September 10. The match started on time but only 24.1 overs of play could take place with heavy and sudden rain lashing the R Premadasa Stadium.

Even the groundsmen were taken by surprise as they rushed with the covers. It rained for about half an hour-40 minutes but the heavy downpour resulted in puddles and wet patches getting formed all across the ground. While the groundsmen were able to dry out most of the ground, a couple of patches near square leg and point didn’t help. Hair dryers, mats, sand and a makeshift fan – everything came to the rescue and it seemed that all of it worked and the match was likely to begin again but the rain came again, denying any possibility of play on the original date.

The match has moved to a reserve day with the play set to resume from 24.1 overs onwards on Monday, September 11. The reserve day is applicable just for this game but the forecast isn’t as encouraging on Monday as well, with 90 per cent probability of rain.

While all the stakeholders hope that the result comes on Monday, the forecast isn’t looking that great. If the match is washed out despite the reserve day, both teams will share a point each and Pakistan will benefit from that the most.

Pakistan have already won a game in the Super Fours against Bangladesh and if the India match is washed out, they will have three points and will inch a step closer to a place in the final. India, on the other hand, will be in action on all three days as they already played on Sunday, Monday is the reserve day and less than 24 hours later, they will be up against Sri Lanka on Tuesday, September 12. The fatigue of playing 50-over game without a break could take a toll and there will be some tired bodies in the Sri Lanka game while Pakistan will get a proper rest as they are playing directly on Thursday, September 14.

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