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UPSC Success Story: The Journey Of IAS Topper Sonal Goel, From Backup Plans To UPSC Triumph


New Delhi: The Civil Services Examination, an arduous test administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), is renowned for its rigorous question structure and extensive syllabus, often compelling hopefuls to contemplate alternative strategies. Sonal Goel, a resident of Panipat in Haryana, encountered a similar dilemma when her father suggested devising a backup plan. Unfazed, Sonal not only pursued her UPSC ambitions but also clinched an impressive All India Rank 13 in her second attempt.

Hailing from Panipat and educated in Delhi, Sonal completed her schooling in the capital city. Following her completion of Class 12, she graduated from Delhi University’s esteemed Shri Ram College of Commerce and attained a CS degree.

According to a report from UPSC Pathshala, Sonal revealed that she was initially unaware of the civil services examination but was inspired to pursue a career as an IAS officer after reading an article about a civil servant in a magazine.

Despite her family’s initial reservations, particularly her father’s apprehensions regarding the exam’s difficulty, Sonal remained resolute. While pursuing her studies in company secretaryship, upon expressing her aspiration to sit for the UPSC exam, her father, acknowledging its formidable nature, advised her to formulate a contingency plan. Consequently, Sonal opted to undertake the UPSC exam while simultaneously enrolling in an LLB course at Delhi University. Balancing her studies and employment as a company secretary, she embarked on her UPSC preparation journey.

In 2006, Sonal faced disappointment when she fell short in her initial attempt. Nevertheless, undeterred, she persisted, managing her job, LLB studies, and UPSC preparations concurrently. Her perseverance bore fruit in 2007 when she secured the 13th rank nationwide, thereby fulfilling her aspiration of becoming an IAS officer.

Sonal Goel’s voyage serves as a testament to the power of determination, underscoring that with meticulous planning and unwavering commitment, success in formidable examinations like the UPSC is within reach.


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