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She Rejected Rs 14 Lakh Package At Campus Interview, Then Went On To Bag Whopping Rs 85 Lakh Package, Not From IIT-IIM, She Is…


Achieving success requires proactive action and determination, not complacency. If you are content with what you have, you might not make it bigger that that in life but if you will keep trying, you are bound to achieve greater heights. One such story is of Rashi Bagga. She did Engineering (Bachelor of Tehcnology) from the International Institute of Information Technology Naya Raipur (IIIT-NR). She has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a job package of Rs 85 lakh per annum, surpassing all previous records.

This notable accomplishment marks the highest salary package ever attained by a student from IIIT-NR in the year 2023. She was earlier offered a package of Rs 14 lakh but she rejected the offer and attended more interviews testing her mettle.

Despite already possessing a promising job offer from another company, Bagga chose to further explore her potential in the job market. She attended multiple interviews and eventually clinched this exceptional offer, as reported by a IIIT media coordinator.

Currently employed as a Product Security Engineer at Atlassian, Bagga had previously served as an SDE Intern at Intuit in Bengaluru and a Software Developer Intern at Amazon. She commenced her role as a Product Security Engineer at Atlassian in July 2023.

Chinky Karda, a fellow student at IIIT-NR, held the previous record, securing a package of Rs 57 lakh per annum from the same company last year.

In addition, Yogesh Kumar, another student, secured a commendable package of Rs 56 lakh per annum for a software development position with a multinational company.

In 2020, Ravi Kushashwa, another IIIT-NR student, was offered an extraordinary Rs 1 crore per annum deal by a large multinational company. Unfortunately, he was unable to accept the offer due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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