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Prophet Muhammad Was Maryada Purushottam; Bihar Education Minister Sparks Controversy


New Delhi: Bihar Education Minister Chandrashekhar triggered a fresh row after he said that Prophet Muhammad was a ‘Maryada Purushottam’. Addressing a gathering in Nalanda’s Hilsa sub-division at Baba Abhaynath Dham premises on the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, he said: “Evilness was increasing in the world, honesty was ending, numbers of cheaters and evil persons had increased… to bring honesty in the region of central Asia, the god had sent Maryada Purusotam Mohammad Saheb on the earth.”

“Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram was not pleased with the caste structure. So he took a pair berry of Mata Sabri and ate to give the message that castes do not matter. I am painfully saying that we are not endorsing the conduct that Lord Ram has shown,” Chandrashekhar said. (Also Read: Pak, Indonesia Hackers Plan To Attack Govt’s Digital Infra During G20 Summit)

During the programme, state Art and Culture Minister Jitendra Rai, Labour Resource Minister Surendra Ram, Science and Information Minister Mohammad Israil Mansoori, former MLA from Hilsa and party spokesperson Shakti Singh Yadav and former MLA Chandrashekhar Prasad were also present.

Reacting to the remarks made by the Education Minister, BJP OBC Morcha National General Secretary Nikhil Anand said that Chandrashekhar has tried to demean the sanctity of Lord Krishna during a Janmashtami programme.

“Whatever the Education Minister Chandrashekhar is commenting against Hindu-Sanatan Dharma and using derogatory language for Lord Sri Ram and Lord Sri Krishna, it reflects the mentality of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). Chandrashekhar’s statement during the Janmashtami programme will trigger controversy…,” Anand said.

“These days, the opposition alliance has started a campaign across the country on how to insult Hindu Sanatan Dharma and appease their vote bank by making pro-Islamic and pro-Pakistan notions. By questioning the very existence of Lord Sri Krishna, Chandrashekhar has insulted the Hindu Sanatan Dharma as well as the Yadav community,” he claimed.

“Chandrashekhar’s controversial statement is an integral part of RJD’s politics. If Chandrashekhar is so averse to Hindu Sanatan Dharma and cannot see the existence of Lord Sri Krishna in comparison to the existence of Mohammed Saheb, then he should wear a ‘Maulana’ cap, offer Namaz, get circumcised and go to Pakistan,” Anand added.


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