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On Karnataka Woman Teachers Photoshoot With Student, Netizens Give Mixed Reactions

Last month, a storm hit social media when a woman teacher’s photoshoot with a class X student during a picnic went viral.  The teacher in Karnataka was suspended following the circulation of a romantic photo shoot with a Class X student. This incident not only sparks concerns about the appropriateness of the relationship between the teacher and the student but also underscores the imperative of establishing clear ethical guidelines and maintaining professional conduct in educational settings.

However, the netizens gave mixed reactions to the incident with some saying that it would have been completely opposite action had it been a male teacher and female student. 

“Female teacher + male student = suspend; Male teacher + female student = jail,” said one user on Instagram.

“If the teacher was a guy, he’d be jail enforcing POCSO rather than being suspended,” said another.

Another user said that she is old and is like the mother of the student.

“If both of them have no problem then why do the other people have an issue about that,” said another user.

Another user underlined the importance of teaching appropriate conduct to the students. “A child should not be suspended because an adult preyed upon him. But yes he should be made to understand how this was inappropriate conduct on the teacher’s part. Glad the teacher was suspended,” she said.

“It’s teachers fault. Teacher is a second mother for her students and it’s her responsibility to bring holistic development to her students. Boys of this age are easy prey because they are high on hormones and have no morality issues but a teacher is a mature person and is authoritative here to make her students stay within limits and understand moral conduct. I feel pity for the parents who spend and send their boy to study and be a good person in life but instead the teacher is in her own enjoy spree,” said another user.

Another user raised a critical question, “Why don’t you question the directors and actors and all industries when they show the same in their movies or series which is an inspiration to this condition?”

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