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New Parliament Building: A Glimpse Of The Changed Attire For Marshals And Staff

The grand inauguration of the  on May 28, 2023, marked a watershed moment in India’s political landscape. Beyond its architectural grandeur, this iconic structure introduces a series of noteworthy changes, including the attire worn by parliamentary staff and security personnel. As the special session prepares to convene on September 19th, it unveils not just a new legislative era but also an updated dress code, blending tradition, culture, and functionality.

Distinctive Attire for Parliamentary Staff

Within the halls of the new Parliament, a unique and eye-catching attire awaits parliamentary staff members. Their shirts, elegantly adorned in a deep shade of pink, perfectly complement khaki pants, creating a uniform that is both distinctive and visually appealing. Importantly, these shirts bear the emblem of the lotus, a symbol of profound cultural and national significance, adding a touch of heritage to their appearance.

Marshals Pay Homage to Culture

For the marshals responsible for maintaining decorum within both houses, their attire has undergone a meaningful transformation. These marshals will now don turbans reminiscent of the traditional headgear worn in Manipur. This change not only underscores the preservation of cultural heritage but also adds a sense of solemnity to their ceremonial roles.

Security Personnel in Camouflage

In a significant departure from tradition, the security personnel tasked with safeguarding the Parliament will transition from their familiar safari suits to camouflage uniforms. This change aligns their appearance more closely with that of military personnel, emphasizing the paramount importance of security within the precincts of the new parliamentary complex.

Political Ripples

Amidst these sartorial updates, the political landscape is buzzing with intrigue. Rashid Alvi, a prominent Congress leader, has raised concerns about the alleged involvement of the ruling BJP party in parliamentary politics. These discussions may foreshadow potential opposition and debates in the upcoming sessions.

A Fresh Beginning

The eagerly anticipated special session, scheduled from September 18th to September 22nd, marks a historic chapter within the recently inaugurated Parliament. Following an auspicious puja ceremony on September 19th, members of Parliament will make their inaugural entry into the new building. This session serves as a milestone, as it represents the first-ever proceedings within the New Parliament Building, heralding a promising era in the annals of Indian parliamentary history.

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