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In Rajasthan, PM Modi Taunts ‘Jaadugar’ Gehlot Over ‘Red diary’ Of Corruption


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday mocked Rajasthan Chief Minister and Congress leader Ashok Gehlot, calling him a “jaadugar” (magician) and said that his face is losing its colour with every page of the ‘red diary’. Speaking at a public rally in Baran’s Anta in Rajasthan, where elections are due, the PM claimed that there is evidence of how the land, forest and water have been sold off during the last five years of Congress’ rule in the diary.

“These days, there is a buzz about the Red diary and the Jadugar ji’s face is turning pale with every page of the red diary. In this red diary, it is clearly written how they have sold out your land, water and forest,” the PM said.

The BJP has been alleging that it has a “Red diary” that contains alleged damaging material against the Ashok Gehlot-led government and his administration. Supposed pictures of the diary have also appeared on social media

PM Modi also attacked the Congress, calling it a symbol of corruption, nepotism and appeasement – three evils that are hindering India’s development. He said Congress leaders are indisciplined and the people of the state are suffering as the ruling party has left them at the mercy of looters, rioters and criminals.

“The country cannot become a developed nation until we get rid of three enemies – corruption, nepotism and appeasement. The Congress is the biggest representative of these three evils,” Modi told the crowd.

“Today, even children in Rajasthan are saying ‘Gehlot ji, you won’t get votes’,” he added.

The prime minister also slammed the Congress over the law and order situation in Rajasthan, saying its ministers have been seen supporting those who committed atrocities against women. The BJP’s priority is to ensure women’s welfare and safety, Modi said.

The anti-social forces in Rajasthan are emboldened by the Congress support, he said.


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