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Caught On Camera: Railway Staff Dumping Trash on Tracks, Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Complaints regarding the quality of food, cleanliness of restrooms, and punctuality of Indian trains have long plagued passengers. However, a recent incident has shifted the spotlight to a far more disconcerting issue – railway housekeeping staff nonchalantly discarding trash onto the tracks of moving trains. This incident came to the public’s attention when a concerned passenger shared a video on social media, particularly X (formerly known as Twitter), capturing the shocking act.

Negligence on the Rails: The Disturbing Video

The video in question exposes a railway employee collecting various forms of waste, including plastic bottles and food wrappers, in a corner using a wiper. Instead of appropriately disposing of the garbage into a designated waste bag, the employee recklessly hurls it out of the moving train, leading to a scatter of litter along the railway tracks.

Passenger’s Outcry: Seeking Accountability and Systemic Reform

The passenger, identified as Saurabh, not only brought this incident to light but also raised a fundamental question regarding accountability within the railway system. In a scathing post, Saurabh questioned the effectiveness of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign) and expressed deep concern about the absence of accountability mechanisms within the railway workforce. He went a step further by tagging both the Ministry of Railways and Railway Seva, calling for answers and demanding responsible action.

Railway’s Response: Request for Specifics to Initiate Action

In response to Saurabh’s video, the Central Railway promptly intervened by requesting specific details such as the train number and date of the incident. These specifics are essential for launching a proper investigation and taking necessary measures to rectify the situation.

Public Outcry: Calls for Stringent Penalties and Passenger Responsibility

The shocking video sparked widespread outrage among internet users. Many users shared similar incidents and called for stringent penalties for the erring railway staff. Simultaneously, there were appeals to passengers to play a more active role in maintaining cleanliness during train journeys, especially on long-haul routes.

Promoting Passenger Responsibility: One user underscored the importance of passengers taking responsibility for their actions and recommended involving Train Ticket Examiners (TTE) in penalizing offenders. This suggestion drew parallels with the successful enforcement of smoking bans by TTEs in the past.

Addressing Passenger Littering: Another user highlighted the issue of passengers leaving waste under their seats rather than using designated bins, resulting in unsightly litter. They emphasized their personal commitment to cleanliness by carrying a plastic bag for waste disposal until sanitation workers could appropriately handle it.

Conclusion: This alarming incident serves as a wakeup call for railway authorities and passengers alike, urging them to collectively address cleanliness and accountability issues to ensure a safer and cleaner rail travel experience for all.


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